Année 2011

Actes de la conférence "Théorie des nombres et applications", CIRM, Luminy, 30/11 au 04/12 2009.

Version définitive

S. Ballet and R. Rolland

Families of curves over finite fields.

P. Bruin

Computing coefficients of modular forms.

B. Conrey

Applications of the asymptotic large sieve.

P. Lebacque and A. Zykin

Asymptotic methods in number theory and algebraic geometry.

M. Mohyla and G. Wiese

A computational study of the asymptotic behaviour of coefficient fields of modular forms.

C. Ritzenthaler

Optimal curves of genus 1, 2 and 3.

M. Watkins

Computing with Hecke Grossencharacters.

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