Year 2016

Final version

K. Belabas and J.-F. Jaulent

The logarithmic class group package in PARI/GP.

L. Berger

Lubin's conjecture for full p-adic dynamical systems.

G. Gras

Sur le module de Bertrandias-Payan dans une p-extension - Noyau de capitulation.

J.-F. Jaulent

Sur la capitulation pour le module de Bertrandias-Payan.

T. Nguyen Quand Do

Descente galoisienne et capitulation entre modules de Bertrandias-Payan.

F. Pazuki

Erratum and addentum to " Heights and regulators of number fields and elliptic curves ".

N. Wicker, C. H. Nguyen and H. Mamitsuka

Some properties of a dissimilarity measure for labeled graphs.

C. Wuthrich

The sub-leading coefficient of the L-function of an elliptic curve.